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3 Tips for Supporting a Friend Through Divorce

Updated: Oct 21, 2020


Follow these 3 rules.

The Women's Law Center handles a lot of divorces. We all know someone who is going through a divorce, is divorced, wants a divorce, or needs a divorce. The odds are high that divorce has touched you in some way. The Women's Law Center has compiled three tips to help someone who is going through a divorce.

1) Act like a friend, not an acquaintance. A true friend will tell someone what they need to hear. An acquaintance will tell someone what they want to hear. If your friend is acting irrational and letting emotion rule over reason in their divorce, be a friend and tell them. The truth may hurt, but sometimes a little pain is worth the long term benefit.

2) Remind them that children come first. Divorce is devastating to children. Children do not need to know anything about the divorce or why their parents are getting divorced. Parents should focus on lifting up their children and on promoting a healthy relationship with the other parent, rather than using their child as a counselor, sounding board, or pawn. If a marriage cannot be saved, the children need to be at the front of your mind.

3) Tell them to hire an attorney. Family Law attorneys are especially equipped to deal with divorces. The cost of not getting an attorney and attempting to go through a divorce without counsel can be astronomical. The Women's Law Center understands that women may want to be independent, but our law firm can help you be independent while also doing the most for your case. Reading an article or blog on the internet may seem sufficient, but divorces are almost more complicated than "open and shut." When you hire an attorney, you are hiring someone to protect your best interest.

This list could be much longer, but if you do know someone preparing to go through a divorce, be a friend and forward this information to them. And remember, your friend is almost definitely going through various emotional states. It's important to be a rock and support them. The Women's Law Center will get you and your friends the help you need. Contact us today at (864).707.1111 to schedule a consultation.

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