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Show Me the Money $$$

There is no such thing as being over-prepared for a divorce. And while this fact is not pretty, money has a greater influence over the position your spouse will take in a contested divorce action than you may realize at first. To help your case proceed as efficiently as possible, it is wise to begin gathering information about finances at the start.

Your attorney will provide forms for you to complete and request statements from you. Often it feels like you have been assigned homework. Organizing information into a spreadsheet or a binder may help you keep track of the requested documents you have on hand and the ones that are still outstanding.

In South Carolina, the parties to a divorce action are required to complete a sworn Financial Declaration form disclosing a complete and accurate picture of their monthly income, expenses, assets, and debts. To help keep you focused on the information that will be required from you, print a blank Financial Declaration form and work towards gathering paystubs, tax returns, bank, credit card, and retirement account statements, etc.

To calculate child support, estimate alimony, and propose an equitable distribution of assets and debts, your attorney will need to review all relevant financial documents. Your divorce attorney has tools to help reveal the financial status of your spouse at the time your case was filed, including the ability to submit discovery requests, issue subpoenas, refer you to a forensic accountant, and the like. The more prepared you are at the get-go, the less of a hassle this process will be and the more tailored the initial advice from your attorney will be.

Contact The Women's Law Center today at 864-707-1111 to schedule a consultation to answer your questions about finances and a divorce.

-Brittany M. Gray, Esq.

Attorney at The Women’s Law Center

Greenville, SC

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