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Strong Woman Spotlight: Hilary Haddox

One of our goals at the Women’s Law Center is to empower women both in the courtroom and outside of it. A large part of empowering women is understanding how they overcame challenges to get to where they are today. To honor these women and their challenges, the Women’s Law Center will be highlighting a strong woman each month. October’s Strong Woman Spotlight will shine on our very own Hilary Haddox.

Hilary Haddox, the Women’s Law Center’s paralegal, has been practicing in the field for 10 years. Her passion for her work stems from her love and commitment to her daughter and family. From surviving an abusive relationship to raising her daughter by herself, Hilary encountered struggles that taught her how to be strong on her own. Hilary sought out an education and pursued a career that would allow her to help others in similar situations. She also aimed to show her daughter that challenges in life only make a person more resilient. Her goal as a mother is to teach Summer, her daughter, that women can do anything they put their minds to. Hilary has cultivated an environment at home and at her workplace that encourages women to be confident in the face of hardships. She continues to strive to be a role model for her daughter and other women who may be going through their own legal and/ or relationship battles.

Strong women are everywhere, and the Women’s Law Center strives to highlight the accomplishments of all women, no matter how big or small. If you know a strong woman who you think should be highlighted, send us a DM! If you’re looking to start your own journey to reclaim your independence, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys at (864)-707-1111.

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