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Divorce in 2020

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

2020 has been an unusual year to say the least. To top it off, you have found yourself in the middle of a divorce. Whether you initiated the divorce or you were unexpectedly served, there is a level stress that comes with the process. Divorce signals the end of a relationship with the person that you built a life with.

In South Carolina, unless you have a fault based grounds for divorce, such as adultery or physical cruelty, you will have to live separate and apart from your spouse for at least one year in order to be granted a divorce. Therefore, the journey to finding your happiness and your new norm after divorce can be lengthy. You will need patience and an outlet. While your attorney can guide you through the legal aspects of a divorce, you may need to utilize the services of a therapist to deal with the emotional and healing aspects. If you enjoy nature, going on hikes or road trips may offer you a chance to escape for a bit. Participating in a yoga class, may help you be grounded. Nutrition and exercise will help you maintain your physical and emotional fitness.

The Women’s Law Center is prepared to not only help you deal with the legal sides of divorce, but also the emotional aspects. As long-standing citizens in the Upstate, we have connections with therapists, divorce counseling, child care efforts and more. Reach out to us today by calling (864).707.1111. For more suggestions on coping with a divorce and keeping your stress levels down, check out this article

-Brittany M. Gray, Esq.

Attorney at The Women’s Law Center

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